Moto G5S Plus Pricing Leaked Via Amazon – Offers a Dual-Camera and More for a Very Competitive Price


Dual-camera technology has started to gain popularity in mobile devices but it still means that you will have to spend a pretty penny of these computing machines in order to experience improved optics. However, with the Moto G5S Plus, pricing might not be a concern for several consumers because according to a price leak, the handset is expected to offer a lot to consumers for far less.

Price Leak Through Amazon Claims That Moto G5S Plus Features a Dual-Camera, a Premium Body and 4K Video Recording Support for Just $350

Online retailers can erroneously reveal the whole truth about smartphones and tablets and for customers on a budget looking to upgrade to a handset that can offer them more options for an affordable price should set crosshairs on the Moto G5S Plus. The 5.5-inch smartphone according to the specifications listed on the website state that it will have a 3,000mAh battery and a premium body, meaning that the cell powering the phone will be non-removable unless you get your hands on dedicated smartphone tools.

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In addition, there is going to be a 13MP dual-camera feature, but nowhere does it specify the functionality of this dual-camera. While it is detailed that the Moto G5S Plus will support 4K video recording at 30 frames per second, we will have to wait and see how the secondary rear camera lens behaves. If it is able to provide a telephoto imaging feature, then it will deliver lossless zoom imaging at a very affordable price.

Coming to the pricing, the Moto G5S Plus will carry an EUR 299.99 tag, which when converted, brings us to approximately $350 USD, which is not bad at all considering what you are getting in return. In case you were wondering, you also get 32GB of onboard storage, 3GB of RAM, a fingerprint reader as well as an expandable storage option that supports up to 128GB.

If the pricing leak turns out to be true, do you think this will be an ideal smartphone purchase for consumers on a budget? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Amazon