13 Slimmest Gadgets Every Self-Respecting Geek Should Own

Gadgets are getting slimmer and slimmer everyday, my dear readers. There was a time when things were getting smaller (i.e. the decades b/w 1950-2000), but you can only go so small until that something-something becomes a little unusable.

Slimming down, too, can only go so far…! So when do you say that’s enough? That of course, depends on what type of gadget you’re talking about.

If you’re talking about LCDs, routers, DVD players, hard disk drives, it doesn’t matter.

But it does matter when you talk about smartphones, iPods, mice (the input device, not the animal) and handheld consoles.

Every type of gadget has to have that sweet spot where it’s not too fat nor too slim.

Indeed, what I just wrote above was to fill the introductory space. I know all you net surfing diggers and stumblers just came here to check out the photos and I’m not going to stop you from doing that: enjoy the list! 😀

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Slimmest Laptops

Notebook: Dell Adamo XPS

The crown for slimmest notebook was held by Sharp's MM10 Muramasas for 5 years from 2003 to 2008. In 2008, Apple Macbook Air was announced and labeled by Steve Jobs himself to be the slimmest notebook ever…

dell adamo xpsdell adamo xps (image via 惟①刻¼)

However in 2009, Dell unveiled their Adamo series which currently holds the crown for slimmest notebook. The Adamo 13 stands at 16.5mm deep while the newer Adamo XPS series sheds even more width by being only 9.9mm thick, the same as the slimmest smartphone: iPhone 4 ;).

It doesn’t come cheap though, you’ll have to fork out 2000$ to own one. (*whispers* Amazon has it on sale for 1236$)

You can read more about the Adamo XPS here. And watch a (allegedly) hot lady talk about it here.

Source: Dell

Netbook: Sony VAIO X

sony vaio x4542545259_b7672edb15 4542542341_a3b93affdf (images via Sony, pcsiteuk)

Netbooks are ordinarily categorized as those laptops which have a screen size of 11” or less. At 13mm, the Sony VAIO X is the slimmest netbook. With an 11.1” screen, it packs the now-standard Atom processor with 1-2GB RAM and 160GB hard drive/64GB SSD.

You can read more about the VAIO X here.

Source: Sony

Slimmest Hard Drive: SeaGate Momentus

seagate momentus(image via Conetao.com)

At just 7mm, the SeaGate Momentus is the slimmest 2.5” hard drive. Available from capacities of 160GB to 720GB, Amazon is currently selling the Momentus 500GB @ 5400RPM for 60$. A pretty good deal, if you ask me.

Source: SeaGate

Slimmest E-Reader: The Skiff

skiff_ereader_2skiff-ereader At just 6.7mm, The Skiff is the slimmest ebook reader. It has a 11.5” flexible touch screen which is optimized for reading newspapers and magazines of the digital variety and has both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. The screen also makes it the largest e-reader.

Excited? Well, I have bad news for you: it got cancelled. :/

Source: Engadget

Slimmest Desktops

All-in-One: Lenovo IdeaCenter 600

lenovo ideacentre 600lenovoallinone

The Lenovo IdeaCenter 600 is the slimmest all-in-one desktop today. At 25mm, this is as slim as all-in-ones get. It starts at 799$, so it isn't as expensive as certain other popular all-in-ones! *coughiMaccough*

Source: Gizmodo

Nettop: Prestigio ION Super Slim 230 prestige ion super slim 230

20mm thick for a desktop tower-thing (or a net-top, as it is usually referred to these days) is the slimmest available today. It costs 255 € (roughly 325$) and features an nVidia GeForce 9400M with Intel’s Atom processor series… meaning you can play less demanding older games (like Call of Duty 4, Sims 3 etc), decode HD videos and multi-task with ease.

source: ITsvet

Slimmest Gaming Consoles

6th Gen: PlayStation 2 Slim

ps2 slim (image via ESLevi)

At a mere 25.4mm, the PS2 Slim is the slimmest console of all time.

Untitled(image via kyouteki)

The PS2 brand as a whole sold over 140 million units as of Sept. 2009 and demand for more units hasn’t ceased yet after more than a decade in production.

7th Gen: Nintendo Wii

nintendo wii(image via manu contreras)

This might have been obvious, but I still had to confirm it. The Nintendo Wii is the slimmest 7th gen console at 55mm, that is compared to the Xbox 360 Slim’s 75mm and PlayStation 3 Slim’s 65mm.

wii-1(image via dizus)

The Wii is a crap console though. I mean seriously, fanboy talk aside, the Wii is for children who can’t differentiate between Mario Hoops and NBA 2K10.

Slimmest Cellphones

Dumbphone: Samsung SGH-U100

Samsung-SGH-U100-Cell-PhoneDid someone say 5.9mm? Yes! Samsung’s SGH-U100 candybar phone is the slimmest cell-phone in the world. You might think Samsung may have skimped on features while slimming this thing down, but surprise! They didn’t. It has a 3 megapixel camera, music player, Bluetooth, 70MB internal memory and memory expansion slot.

Source: Handcell Phone

Smartphone: Apple iPhone 4

iphone 4 (image via purplelime)

Steve WINAR Jobs wasn’t lying at WWDC 2010 when they said that the iPhone 4 is the slimmest smartphone ever (compared to its Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and webOS counterparts). Its width is a mere 9.3mm which Apple achieved by using a stainless steel band which acts as the phone’s antenna as well as its overall casing.

Source: Apple

Slimmest LCD TV: Samsung Needle Slim

samsung thinnest lcd led tv panel

You can’t help but have geekgasms looking at that. Samsung unveiled a 3.9mm thin Needle Slim LCD TV Panel. It has 120Hz refresh rate and a 5000:1 contrast ratio. The thingamajig hasn’t gone into production yet, but when it does, expect to pay a hefty price: it won’t come cheap.

Source: Akihabara

Slimmest Speakers: Panasonic SC-ZT1

panasonic sc zt1 Measuring at 11mm (at thinnest point), these epic speakers are part of Panasonic’s ZT1 home theatre system. Pricing is unknown at the moment.

Source: CNET

Slimmest Router: ASUS RT-N56U

ASUS_RT-N56U_wireless_router-540x479asus-thin-router-2010-03-0406-54-58-rm-eng-1 This bad boy measures an ungodly 6.5mm at its thinnest. It supports a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, 3G USB dongles, printers and friggin’ hard disks. It has 2x USB ports, 4x LAN and 1x WAN posts and is capable for supporting an industry-leading 300,000 concurrent sessions. Price unknown.

Source: Engadget


Slimness tends to come at the cost of some excluded features though. For example, take the ZT1 right above: doesn’t have dedicated a subwoofer for some reason. Consider the Nintedo Wii which is graphically inferior to X360 and PS3 and then, of course you have the VAIO X with dismal battery life… So is it really worth it…?

Let your pocket decide! 😉

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