More Xbox Live Users Than Ever (+28%), Microsoft Gaming Sales Increases 6%


Microsoft posted their earnings for the Q1 of 2016, and there are some very positive gaming related things inside. The number of active users of Xbox Live has seen an increase of 28% over the previous quarter.

Upcoming exclusives and an upcoming solid AAA game library could be why Xbox Live user base is increasing substantially.

This is an absolute massive increase with 39 million actual active Xbox Live accounts online at any one time. This means more people are either logging on through their PC's Xbox Live app, or are actually logged on via their Xbox console of choice.

It's likely that the number of new releases this past few months has helped to increase the interest in playing. It might also be possible that the impending Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider releases could be getting more people excited about what's coming for the Xbox One.

Console sales themselves are slightly lower, with less Xbox 360 sales than last quarter being the primary reason, the overall revenue from gaming itself has increased by a healthy 6%. So the Xbox One is leading strongly into FY 2016 and the good outlook with upcoming timed and actual exclusives should bode very well for Microsoft and their Xbox division.