More Story Content for Dragon Age: Inquisition is in the Cards For The Future

A recent tweet by the creative director of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mike Laidlaw, revealed that they aren't quite done with adding single-player story based content to Dragon Age Inquisition.

More Dragon Age: Inquisition story based content is apparently in the works for the future.

Though no actual details were revealed, we now know that BioWare has planned more story based DLC for their critically acclaimed Dragon Age: Inquisition. No specific details were given quite yet though it appears that according to the Twitter conversation, the overall work is coming together quite nicely, meaning we might see it sooner than expected. Unfortunately, however, it was confirmed that we won't be seeing the Hero of Ferelden as an NPC in future DLC.

It's nice to see such a great franchise continue to get updates to an already massive narrative. Jaws of Hakkon received plenty of praise for how it made what seemed like a relatively simple task into an extravagant and engrossing story. Like mos of BioWare's works, they'll likely continue that tradition and add considerable value to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Because of the large atmosphere to work with, there are many directions in which they could potentially go, so even guessing wouldn't quite do it justice at all. It's impossible to tell. Does anyone here have any particular side quests they'd like to see expanded from the original game?

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