Phone Usage Monitor Lets You Track Your Smartphone Usage


Throughout history, we've managed to find something to get addicted to. The latest addition to that list is the modern smartphone, which will soon overtake other conventional forms of addiction. Now, it isn't necessarily a bad thing, considering we have access to the entirety of human knowledge in via an assortment of semiconductors in out palm, but out overdependence on them can be loosely classified as an addiction.

Over the years, several electronics have proven to be addictive. For example, twenty years ago it was TVs and a generation before that was radios. Smartphones are merely the latest addition to the long list of devices that have the potential to turn addictive. More than the actual smartphone itself, the driver behind the excessive phone usage is the enormous number of apps that one can download. It isn't uncommon for users to have over 100 apps installed on their phones. The constant checking of Twitter, YouTube, emails, Facebook, etc, can add up to a lot of screen time. That’s where Phone Usage Monitor comes in to provide some perspective.

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image courtesy XDA developers

Phone Usage Monitor was created by XDA member Bartito. The app keeps track of how much the device is being used and which apps are used the most and take action if they have to (seriously, if you spend 10+ hours a day on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat, you might have a problem). Users can also decide which device “events” they want to be recorded. For example, the amount of time the screen is on/off, how often the device has been device unlocked, battery level changes, number of WiFi connections, and a lot more. The app is excellent for those who want to analyse their smartphone usage patterns.

Currently, the app is still in beta and might encounter a few hiccups here and there. You can download it from the Play Store via this link. You can leave feedback for the developer at this thread. Do check the app out, as its only fair that you get the chance to track your own smartphone usage and not just Google and several three-lettered agencies.

News Source: XDA developers