Moonglow Bay’s Biggest Update Yet Adds Full Keyboard and Mouse Controls, New UI, More

Nathan Birch
Moonglow Bay

Cozy Canadian fishing RPG Moonglow Bay launched back in October, and while the game has attracted positive reviews from players and journalists alike, it had the usual share of issues at launch. Thankfully, the game has just dropped its biggest post-launch update yet, featuring a variety of fixes and gameplay improvements, including the addition fully remappable keyboard-and-mouse controls. You can get the lowdown on some of the main additions and changes included in Moonglow Bay ver. 1.03, below.


  • Added mouse along with the existing keyboard controls
  • Controller, and keyboard + mouse controls are now fully rebindable! The ability to remap controls can be found under the Options menu

Main Menu / UI

  • Able to navigate menus using the D-pad
  • Able to navigate shop UI with controller bumpers
  • Expanded Options menu; More added to Audio and Graphics
  • “Show/hide completed” preference in Task journal is saved permanently.
  • Adjusted the page scrolling to carrousel through items
  • Able to hold down to navigate sections of the journal and when adding or removing multiple items when selecting quantity
  • Fixed an issue where hidden tasks remained hidden when there were no active tasks in the journal
  • Improvements to the Boiling minigame
  • Other minor updates to the UI


  • Your boat, the Two Cats, can now be docked at the marina docks, by the Aquarium
  • You can’t enter the Two Cats anymore if it’s fully damaged
  • The dinghy now moves even if the Two Cats is fully damaged
  • Players will no longer fall through the door of the cabin
  • No more soft blocking if attempting to assist while collecting fish from a net, during co-op
  • Once the Two Cats is fixed, you can now board it at the Boat Shop
  • Restaurateur achievement unlocks only when all requirements are reached
  • Dinghy now won’t ever sink

There are also a number of story-specific fixes included in update 1.03 – if you don’t mind spoilers, you can check out the full, unabridged patch notes here.

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Moonglow Bay is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Update 1.03 is available now on PC and will arrive on Xbox sometime in the near future.

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