Monument Valley Gone Free On The App Store


Monument Valley is a beautifully designed puzzle platformer which has gone free on the App Store. The game has received the Apple Design Award and many other prestigious accolades since its debut. Normally, the game was charged at a fair price of $3.99. It's unclear so far as to how long the game will remain free on the App Store. So if you're lucky to see this in time, get it right away!

Guide Ida In A Beautiful World Of Monument Valley

The popular title, Monument Valley has exceeded the one million download mark. Monument Valley is a unique title with addictive gameplay. The game revolves around impossible architecture engineered to perfection. The aim of the player is to guide an inaudible princess through the stunning world of unachievable geometry. Explore the mysterious monuments and discover hidden paths which may lead to your goal.

The game revolves around optical illusions which might not be visible to the naked eye unless you have a very keen observation. The game is beautifully inspired from the minimalist 3D design, fantastical architecture of palaces and temples from around the world. The monuments of the game are unique and 'hand-crafted world to explore'.

The gameplay is somewhat easy. You can twist monuments to shape them according to your need. Drag the world to reshape world which will enable you to understand the nature of the environment and operate accordingly. The game is designed for everyone which is easy to understand and enjoy. The audio of Monument Valley provides a beautiful 'soundscape' according to your manipulation of the world.

Monument Valley features challenging puzzles and stunning visuals to go with. The game is available for iPhone and all iPad variants, even the iPad Pro. Even though the game is free for now, there are still in-app-purchases worth about $1.99. Even so, Monument Valley does seem a fair buy. It's good to see that the developers have opened the game for the masses, people who did not download it due to the price tag.

If you're one of those iOS gamers who have not downloaded the game yet due to its price, this is the right time. End your curiosity and claim Monument Valley from the App Store absolutely for free.

This it for now, folks. What do you think about the game? Will you guys give it a go? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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