Monster Hunter World SmartHunter Mod Introduces Useful Overlay

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World has received on PC several quality of life improvements through mods, and a new one released recently adds some new welcome ones.

The Monster Hunter World Smarthunter adds a complete overlay for the game displaying information on monsters, party members and more.

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SmartHunter - Overlay

A complete overlay for Monster Hunter: World on PC. Features include:

  • Monster widget - name, health, parts, status effect buildup, and crown.
  • Team widget - name and damage meters.
  • Player widget - buff, debuff, and equipment/mantle timers.
  • Open source - freely learn from and contribute to the project on github.
  • Skinnable - create and distribute your own rich styles and animations with XAML.
  • Easy localization - create and distribute your own translations for our international friends.


  • Monster parts/status effect buildups only update properly for the host.
  • Team damage does not work in expedition mode.


More information on the Smarthunter mod can be found by going here.

Monster Hunter World is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions. The game's first big expansion, Iceborne, will be released later this year on all formats.

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