Monster Hunter World New SDCC Gameplay Footage Showcases Weapons And More


Monster Hunter World, the next entry in the Monster Hunter series launching next year on PC and consoles, is among the games that have been showcased during this year's edition of the San Diego Comic-Con. While the shown footage has yet to be made available officially, an-off screen video has emerged online, allowing those who didn't attend the event to check out some new gameplay features.

The new footage, which can be checked out below, showcases, among other things, some of the game's weapons, jumping attacks and the Signal Flare.

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Monster Hunter World will mark the series' debut on PC, but this version of the game will release after the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Last month, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto revealed that the late release is due to optimization.

Yeah, it’s… as you said, it’s just a resources and manpower issue. We’re developing the game with our internal Capcom team in Osaka – the Monster Hunter team. We haven’t really put out that much on PC before that’s been developed internally, so we’re just asking for a little bit more time on the PC version so we can bring you a more optimised, fine-tuned version.

Other than that, you can see that our strategy is for the other versions to release everything in the same time, in the same launch window, worldwide. This is the first time ever for a Monster Hunter title. There’s no wait in between the Japanese version and the Western one – we just need a little bit more time to get the PC version done right.

Monster Hunter World launches next year on PC and consoles.