Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Teases a New Dragon, Update 3 Available on Consoles Now


Looking for something to keep you busy when trapped inside? Look no further than Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which is keeping up a busy update schedule over the coming months. The expansion’s third major content update is available on consoles now, and includes two variant monsters, new layered weapons, which can be customized visually without changing their stats, and more! After that, there will be another update in late April, and then Iceborne’s fourth major title update, which includes the all-new Elder Dragon Alatreon, arrives in May! Before we get into the details, you can check out the latest Monster Hunter World: Iceborne dev diary, below.

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Here’s all the big stuff included Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Title Update 3:

New Challengers Enter the Ring

Only the boldest hunters can successfully counterattack Rajang when in its enraged golden state. Its variant, Furious Rajang, embraces this seething anger to amp up its attacks even further. With its golden coat crackling with energy, every clash with this predator is an all-out assault.

Variant Raging Brachydios brings some explosive changes with an even more volatile coating of slime seeping from multiple areas on its body. Hunters can force the slime to drop off by attacking specific body parts, but must be prepared to avoid an even wider explosive zone once the slime reaches the ground.

Hunters brave enough to attempt these encounters will be rewarded with materials to forge brand new top-tier Palico gear, weapons, armors featuring new set bonus skills, and decorative pendants.

Layered Weapons, Hunter Helper Updates, and More

Title Update 3 also introduces layered weapons, which alter the appearance of weapons without impacting their stats. The first round of layered weapons is available now, and allows players to customize fully upgraded weapons with a distinct base frame and monster part attachments. Later in April, weapons with unique designs will join the layered weapon pool.

Hunter Helper is also overhauled, with increased monetary rewards when assisting hunters with a lower Master Rank, and enhanced drop rates for various quest types. Assisting hunters with Assignments now offers a chance of receiving rare decorations through Carved Feystones, while other regular quests award armor-enhancing King Armor Spheres. Those spheres will come in handy now that rarity 12 armors can be enhanced to level 20.

Guiding Lands aficionados will now have access to a new tool: the Banishing Ball. Now quest leaders can force unwanted monsters out of a region immediately while on a hunt. Hunters relaxing after a quest have a new swath of Paid DLC options for Your Room, including new monster figures, music options, and décor. Fashion hunters also have reason to celebrate, as all NPC hairstyles from World are now available as part of a free character customization update.

New Seasonal Event

A day after Title Update 3 arrives for PC players in April, both the PC and consoles communities will celebrate the new Seliana seasonal event, Full Bloom Fest. The whole base is getting into the rosy spirit, with new gathering hub decorations, new canteen meals, a new Poogie costume, seasonal Palico gear, pendants, paid seasonal Handler costume, and new guild card options. During Full Bloom Fest, log-in bonuses and bounties will offer tickets for crafting the elegant event armor, in addition to brand new event quests that provide materials for layered headgear based on the rare endemic creature Downy Crakes, and a pair of Whetfish Dual Blades.

As mentioned, another moderately-sized update is coming in late April, and will include the following:

In April, hunters will have even more challenges to overcome, with the Master Rank arrival of the glimmering Kulve Taroth, and the emergence of Arch-Tempered Namielle. The new Kulve Taroth Event Quest provides groups of four hunters the chance to gather upgrade materials that can bring the High Rank siege’s gear up to Master Rank muster.

Finally, Iceborne Title Update 4 will arrive in May, bringing with it the “Blazing Black Dragon” Alatreon. You can check out the big guy in the teaser trailer, below.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Title Update 3 is out now on consoles and hits PC on April 9. From that point forward, PC and console updates will finally be on the same schedule, with the late April and May updates happening at the same time on all platforms.