Monster Hunter Rise New Trailers Focus on Dual Blades, Bow Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise

Two new Monster Hunter Rise trailers have been released online, focusing on two different weapon types.

The new trailers, which can be watched below, focus on the Dual Blades and Bow weapons, highlighting their features and special attacks.

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Lithe, agile and relentless. The Dual Blades deliver an onslaught of slices in rapid succession. "Piercing Bind" is a silkbind attack that pierces targets with a detonating kunai. Landing further hits where the kunai is lodged racks up extra damage that scales with each hit.

Swift, elegant and precise. The Bow combines high mobility and rapid attacks to rain down a constant stream of arrows onto monsters."Herculean Draw" is a silkbind attack that surges you forward in a designated direction and uses Ironsilk to empower your attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise launches in a few months, but players won't have to wait much longer to try out the game, as a playable demo will be released sometime in January. The demo, available for a limited time online, will feature new monsters like Somnacanth and Bishaten.

We need you to protect Kamura Village! Wade through the marshy Flooded Forest and confront new monsters, such as the sleep-inducing Somnacanth and the omnivorous trickster Bishaten! Monster Hunter Rise Demo coming January 2021

Monster Hunter Rise releases on March 26th, 2021 worldwide.

Set in the ninja-inspired land of Kamura Village, explore lush ecosystems and battle fearsome monsters to become the ultimate hunter. It’s been half a century since the last calamity struck, but a terrifying new monster has reared its head and threatens to plunge the land into chaos once again.

Hunt solo or in a party with friends to earn rewards that you can use to craft a huge variety of weapons and armor. Brand new gameplay systems such as the high-flying ‘Wire Action’ and your canine companion ‘Palamute’ will add exciting new layers to the already robust combat that Monster Hunter is known for.

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