Monster Hunter Rise PC Patch Addresses Boot Saving Issues


A new Monster Hunter Rise PC patch is now live, addressing a critical issue that prevented multiple users from even starting the game.

Patch addresses the boot saving issues that made the game fail to complete a proper save, preventing it from starting. Capcom also provided instructions for those who have experienced the issue before the patch's release.

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1. Disable Steam Cloud and quit the game.

Go to your Library in the Steam client, right click on Monster Hunter Rise, then select [Properties] > [General] > [Steam Cloud] and remove the check mark.

2. Delete save data from the local files for the full version.

Go to the below folder and delete the "remote" folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(User ID)\1446780\
*Be careful not to delete the wrong folder!
It is advised you copy the folders to another location before deleting them just to be safe.

3. Launch the game and create new save data.

4. Quit the game, and enable the Steam Cloud function you disabled in step 1.

5. The next time you launch the game, select 「Upload to the Steam Cloud」 in the dialogue window that appears.

Monster Hunter Rise launched this month on PC following its release on Nintendo Switch last year. The PC port is an extremely solid one, coming with some additional options and support for unlocked framerate that make the experience even better, as I highlighted in my review.

With the streamlining of some of the most annoying aspects of the Monster Hunter experience and some excellent additions to the formula like Wirebugs and Switch Skills, Monster Hunter Rise reaches the heights of the best entries in the series with ease. While not all of the changes and new features have been for the best, like Rampage Quests, their general quality level, and the amazing PC port, do make the game one that's worth playing for both long-time fans of the series and newcomers.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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