Monster Hunter Rise Gets a New Demo This Week, First Post-Launch Content in April


Today during a new Monster Hunter Digital Event, Capcom shared a ton of new information about their upcoming slate of beast-slaying Switch games. In addition to unveiling a release date for Monster Hunter Stories 2, they also revealed fresh gameplay details and a new demo for Monster Hunter Rise. You can check out the latest trailer for the game, below.

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Capcom’s event detailed a number of new features coming to Monster Hunter Rise, including swappable skills for your weapons, dynamic difficulty, a photo mode, and new matchmaking tools. Here’s a rundown of the newly-revealed features…

  • Switch Skills - In addition to the initial “Silkbind Attacks” available to all 14 weapon types, hunters will unlock new “Switch Skills” for each weapon as they progress through the game. By swapping out these new skills with existing Silkbind or regular attacks, players can create all new combos and strategies that match their preferred playstyle.
  • Dynamic Difficulty – Multiplayer will feature dynamic difficulty, which automatically adjusts as new players enter and exit a hunt.
  • Hunter Connect – This new feature will allow players to create tags with their objectives and playstyle, search for other players with the same tags or invite friends to any tags they have joined. Upon completing a quest in multiplayer, players will also be able to like the other hunters in their party, and increase the likelihood of finding each other in matchmaking.
  • Camera Feature - Capture your heroic accomplishments and the vibrant beauty of Monster Hunter Rise.

Capcom also promised two free updates for Monster Hunter Rise. The first will arrive in April and include the Elder Dragon Chameleos and several other new monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on Switch on March 26. The game is also coming to PC in the first half of 2022. A new version of the game’s demo, which adds a challenging hunt against Magnamalo, will be available this Thursday (March 11).

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