Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer to be shown Monday

Robert Bowling who is better known as fourzerotwo on twitter has just confirmed that a gameplay trailer for Modern Warfare 3 can be expected sooner than E3, you can expect to see it tomorrow. As soon as the trailer does get released you can definitely expect it to be viral on YouTube within minutes of its release,

Modern Warfare 3 got announced this month and it has been confirmed that unlike earlier rumors this game is going to be a continuation to Modern Warfare 2 (FINALLY!) rather than a crappy prequel to Ghost. The ending of Modern Warfare 2 was definitely one of the better cliffhangers in a CoD game and after the whole Infinity Ward and Activision throw down I was beginning to think MW3 might never happen or if it did it might not be as good as MW2.

While no release date has been confirmed I am pretty sure they are planning on keeping a November release date if they wanna keep the tradition of a yearly CoD game going, I am definitely sure Modern Warfare 3 will make a E3 appearance.

Source: Robert Bowling's Tweet

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