Mobius Final Fantasy Is Getting a PC (Steam) Release in Japan


Earlier today Square Enix just announced that their free-to-play RPG, Mobius Final Fantasy, will be getting a PC release in Japan next month.

Mobius Final Fantasy is Square Enix's mobile free-to-play RPG created by Final Fantasy VII veterans Yoshinori Kitase and Kzaushige Nojima. Mobius has players create a fully hero, a hero with amnesia, who needs to take on the dark forces that plague the world of Palamecia. Final Fantasy Mobius features turn-based combat that's linked to a job system. The most impressive feature are the high fidelity graphics Mobius can achieve on smartphones.

Judging by the trailer, the PC version seems like it's converting all the touch controls on the smartphone to make Mobius playable on keyboard and mouse along with bringing the gorgeous visuals (powered by the Unity 5 engine) to your PC monitors.

Pre-registration for the PC is open on the official site that will reward players with in-game gifts. The bonuses themselves will depend on the number of users who pre-register:

  • Phoenix Down - 5,000 registrations
  • Elixir - 10,000 registrations
  • Revival Ticket - 15,000 registrations
  • Summon Ticket - 20,000 registrations
  • Glow Star - 30,000 registrations

Expect to see Mobius Final Fantasy when it lands on Steam in Japan next month. No word if Mobius Final Fantasy is coming to the West but considering that the worldwide mobile version was released only one month after the Japanese launch, we can keep our fingers crossed that the PC version will follow the same trend. Mobius Final Fantasy is currently available on iOS and Android devices.