Mobile World Congress – Day 1 Round-up

Here are some of the highlights of the first day of Mobile World Congress 2010, in Barcelona, Spain.

Mobile World Congress 2010

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7 Series
After a month of rumors and speculations, Microsoft has finally unveiled the next generation of Windows Mobile by the name of Windows Phone 7 Series. Based on the recently launched Windows 7, this latest Mobile OS gives the perfect blend to the user between online and offline activities. Keeping in view the growing demand of online applications, WP7 takes advantage of Microsoft's cloud computing along with partners applications and provide a one stop solution to the end users. More details...

Mobile Operators Unit on Global Apps Platform
15 of the world's top cellular service providers joined forces and agreed upon launching a single applications platform for mobiles. This platform will provide the developers to work with a single platform for all mobiles for apps development, thus making it a fierce competition for Apple's iTunes and Google's Market Place. Although it will take some time for it to finally come through but industry pundits are already skeptical about the fate of this joint venture. More details...

Motorola Launches Android Powered Quench Smartphone
After the success of Motorola Droid, the mobile phones pioneers are on a roll to get out of the "Razr Curse". Launching Goolge's Android based smartphone one by one might give Motorola a piece of mind of coming back into the mobile phones market. The phone features Motorola's trademark MotoBlur, which syncs all the social and person contacts and details at one place for convenience. The phone will have built-in 5MP camera with auto flash along with 3G and Wi-Fi access. More details...

Samsung Launches "Bada", its own OS with Phone
World's second largest mobile phone manufacturer has launched its own OS by the name of "Bada". Announced last year, Samsung now is concentrating promoting its own OS on the likes of Google, Apple and Microsoft, the three leaders in mobile phone OS. The latest phone comes up with 5MP camera and 1.0 Snapdragon CPU. More details...

Nokia & Intel Team up for New OS
Two of the world's biggest technology companies have joined hands together to build an entirely new Operating System. "Meego" is the name of the joint OS in discussion. Based on Unix platform, it will be an amalgamation of Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin platform. Both companies are pretty excited about this new venture and they are looking forward to expand it to Netbooks and tablets as well in near future. More details...

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