Minority report no longer a fiction thanks to Kinect


The Kinect (hacked at least) is a very useful device, first we could go invisible with it, then we could play mario using it and now we can copy the UI used in Tom Cruises movie "Minority Report", how is this possible you ask? the basic formula is

Kinect + Open Source drivers + Linux = AWESOMENESS!!!!!

notice how the scene bears a striking resemblance from the movie

both are SIMILARLY identical no? one using the video, the other just moving and resizing pictures. I for one can not WAIT to get my hands on a projector screen and a Kinect to do this kind of stuff from the comfort of my own home :D, while the Kinect as a stand alone peripheral right now may not have many adult rated games this is certainly a great secondary use for it no?

Another year or so and a price cut will kick in, that's when home owners every where will definitely buy the Kinect with out without the XBOX 360.