Minisforum Unveils Its B550 Chipset Powered Mini PC: Up To 65W AMD Ryzen CPU Support, Full-Length Discrete Graphics Support


Minisforum has further detailed its upcoming B550 Mini PC which will feature support for socketed AMD Ryzen CPUs & full-length discrete graphics cards.

Minisfroum Details Its Upcoming B550 Mini PC: Supports 65W Socketed AMD Ryzen Desktop CPUs & Full-Length Discrete Graphics

Minisfroum first announced details on its B550 chipset-powered Mini PC back in November 2021. The company told us the upcoming product is their most powerful design yet, offering up to 12 Core AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs. The CPU selection will range from Ryzen 5000G APUs and the Ryzen 5000X CPUs with TDPs of up to 65W.

Minisforum HX90G Mini PC Packs An AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU & Radeon RX 6650M Discrete GPU In A 2.8L Chassis

The Minisforum B550 Mini PC will be a full DIY setup featuring a highly customizable design. It will come with a free expansion dock which has a docking board for the Mini PC itself. The PCIe x16 slot can be exposed to plug it on the riser board which allows you to set up the docking board with any regular discrete graphics card. The docking board is a mix of an extension and a DIY chassis.

Three months ago, mini PC manufacturer MinisForum released information about an AMD B550 chipset mini PC. According to the press release, the mini PC will support a CPU with no integrated graphics card so it will have to support a dedicated GPU although they didn’t talk about which GPU will be equipped in the mini PC. Today there is some new information about it.

The mini PC’s custom motherboard has a PCIe connector that can be used to connect with a dedicated graphics card with the help of a supporting dock (dock is included in the package). The motherboard also has two M.2 2280 SSD slots that support NGFF SATA and NVMe PCIe3.0.

There are two ways to power the PC. If you use AMD APU like 5600G or 5700G, there is a standard 19V power brick included in the package and you can use it directly without using the supporting dock. However, if you want to do some DIY and connect it with a dedicated graphics card, you will need to use your own ATX or SFX power supply. By doing so you can use a desktop CPU like 5600X in this mini PC and the whole system’s power consumption will be more than 600W. It has a cooling solution which supports 65W TDP.

via Minisforum

Minisforum has stated that the system with its baseline specs will feature both SFF/ATX PSUs with 120W power consumption and can be scaled up to 1000W depending on the configuration you select. The platform will be based on the B550 chipset and supports PCIe 4.0 SSD storage. The power will be provided by a 120W Gallium Nitride adapter supporting an ATX (SFX) power supply for a 12V (only) connection. Some of the Minisforum B550 Mini PC features are listed below:

  • The motherboard is exclusively customizable
  • DIY support; ATX or SFX power supply can power both the mini pc and graphics card separately
  • It has good cooling performance and supports a 65W TDP CPU in quiet condition;
  • PCIe3.0 X16 connector(*To use this function, you need to use the supporting docking board)
  • 4K video, enough for office use, plus all configurations come with a free expansion dock to support regular discrete graphics, fast rendering, accelerated editing, and large games

There's no word on pricing or availability on the Minisforum B550 Mini PC but the base configuration should land in around $899 to $999 US. Users will have to purchase the CPU, GPU, PSU, and storage themselves. Expect Minisforum to share more information on their AMD-powered Mini PC soon!