Mini Ninjas Preview


Small ninjas, big Mission. A new game that will have you asking for more.


Mini Ninjas has one of the most interesting plot. The plot is that the evil people are gathering all the animals in the forest and taking them to an abondoned fortress nearby. Over there the animals are subjected to experiments and turned into Ninjas. This way the evil samurai lord can have one of his own huge army that will be loyal to him since he made them into humans and are controlled by him also at the same time.

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In Mini Ninjas you mainly take the role of Hiro, a small and young ninja who battles the evil samurai using his ninjato and magic. But other than Hiro, you can change your characters from time to time. The other characters include:

Futo: A huge masculine ninja, with a big heart. His weapon of choice is the Gian Wooden Hammer since hes very strong and can utlize all his strength in the weapon.
Suzume: A weak looking ninja, but one of the fastest and most agile ninja in the squad of 6. She prides herself on being stealthy and only uses forces when it is seriously required. Her weapon of choice is the Iron Flute, which shoots darts.
Tora: He is very fast and ferocious, thus he was called Tiger when he was young. His main weapons are a pair of hand claws, just like a Tigers.
Kunoichi: She is the youngest and least mature of the girls in the squad. She has a crush on Hiro, but Hiro has a crush on Suzume. She too is agile like Suzume but is very quiet and so can be thought as the same as Suzume but different in a bit of attributes. Her main weapon is a Naginata (a pole weapon).
Shun: The most stealthiest ninja and his main weapon is the Bow. Not very much is known about him other than that his master taught him to stay calm and patient, in all cases.

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The game is being developed by IO interactive and will be published by Edios Interactive. It is scheduled to be released on 11 September 2009 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii and Microsoft Windows. It is one of those games that can be played by all the family and can be one of the games that may provide family fun together. The game does not support Co-op but the user will be able to play with all the mini-ninjas he encounters during his adventure (see Characters). A PC demo was recently released and can be downloaded from their original site.

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The graphics of the game are just too "comical" which makes it one of the best graphical kid game ever. The graphics are just amazing. Even though it has a comical style, yet still most of the realistic things can still be seen very nicely, such as when you smack your Hammer on the ground, dust rises. And when you jump in the water, or swim in it, ripples are created. The games graphics are one of its most important aspect since the game is being made with all the ages in mind. It will prove fun for the kids while just a fun and interesting games for the hardcore and mediocre gamers.

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We at WCCF will surely be waiting for this game. And we will surely review it since the game is just fabulous with an amazing plot-line and interesting graphics. This game will surely be played and loved by all the gamers.
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