Minecraft Is Back With A Story Mode Title On iOS And Android


Minecraft has been plotted in an open world, letting users set their own stories personally or with friends. Some users have accumulated huge audience on YouTube by cubing their own world within the game. However, one of the most successful multi-platform game, Minecraft has stepped up to introduce its own Story Mode. The game is available on both iOS, Android as well as other platforms.

Minecraft: Story Mode is like choosing your own adventure by selecting from the choice of dialogue that will have an impact on the story board. The story is set within the Minecraft game that involves a group of friends, along with their pet pig, working together to save the world. The lead character of the game is 'Jesse' that users would choose to be a boy or girl. This is somewhat different from the male-oriented Minecraft that we're aware of.

For more details, let's dive in to see some action and storytelling in the cubical world of Minecraft.

Create Your Own Adventure With Multiple Dialogue Actions

Minecraft is a family friendly game unlike other Telltale games such as 'The Walking Dead' with explicit content. Minecraft: Story Mode was released this week for PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Now the board has shifted to the mobile counterpart.

Minecraft: Story Mode's story unfolds with frequently prompted multi-conversational actions or questions. The story leads where you want it to go, letting out quite a number of possibilities other than a narrow path like other games. However, in most of the games, it's the player who deems to find the way out of the story, but with Minecraft: Story Mode, it seems like the story wants you to make your way out of it.

Minecraft: Story Mode also showcases some action as there are quite a few fight scenes involved as well. However, the jarring part of the game is restrictions on your actions and motion. Minecraft need to maneuver its way because the Story Mode is what the players create for themselves, unlike the one where they are trapped in one. Henceforth, it's a risky move which the company is well aware of too.

The less shenanigan puzzles are easy to solve as the Story Mode Minecraft does not feature its original full length crafting abilities. However, for all the Minecraft fans, it is worth a download. The game is available for $4.99 on iOS and Android. As for now, share your thoughts about Minecraft: Story Mode in the comments.

Download Minecraft: Story Mode For iOS

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