Minecraft goes Portable debuts on Xperia Play

Minecraft, a game which is still in BETA has taken the gaming world by storm. Videos of this game are viral on youtube and the game is a huge success, based on the principle of build and destroy players can make their own world and some people have really proven the power of Minecraft by building 1:1 scale replicas of famous buildings or something even more amazing using this game. Minecraft is a freeware available to any and all who own a PC and some say this stuff is more addictive than World of Warcraft itself!

After dominating the PC market for a good amount of time Minecraft has made it's handheld debut on Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone otherwise known as the Xperia Play

don't get excited just yet, this is just footage of the game and the game isn't out yet on other Android devices. There will be a full reveal about this on E3 and discussion on whether Minecraft will stay as a PlayStation Phone exclusive or will it be available to other phones too (Android OS) but my only question is will we get to see this game on the Apple App store? I would love to give this game a go on my iPod Touch or my iPad.

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