Mighty No.9 The True Successor to Mega Man Coming Real Soon

Mighty No. 9 is the spiritual successor to the Mega man series, being created by the creator of Mega man himself,  Keiji Inafune, and an all-star team of veteran Mega Man developers. It features classic Japanese side-scrolling action, evolved and transformed for a new generation.

The game launched a kickstarter campaign that was successfully funded with $3,845,170.  Some new gameplay footage has been made available from the XBox One version which can be viewed below.

Might No 9 will be releasing on all platforms in Spring 2015. No specific release date has been given yet but it is expected very soon. Inti Creates is working with Inafune's own studio Comcept to produce Mighty No. 9, which stars a robot hero named Beck.


Takuya Aizu, CEO of developer Inti Creates, in an interview with RedBull explains:

"Of the 11 members, two of us were managers and the remaining nine members were all creators. The team of creators worked on a bunch of different projects such as the Mega Man X series, Resident Evil, and the Breath of Fire series among others as well."

Aizu continues to state that Inti Creates is very much its own company with its own identity, despite its strong links to Capcom.

"A few people from Capcom have come to work for us since we founded the company, however in the 18 years we have been up and running, people from all over have become an integral part of the Inti Creates family," he continues. "Thus, we can no longer say that our whole team has previous ties to Capcom."

Takuya Aizu explains that the members of the Inti Creates Studio have a long history of making side-scrolling action games, and even though the demand for this genre is not as strong as some other new IPs, the genre is still far from dead.

"We here at Inti Creates have been continuously making side-scrolling action games for a long time now,"

"However, the demand for these games has not completely faded away, even though there isn’t as many new IPs in this genre these days as there used to be. Working together with Mr Inafune, this project thankfully managed to garner a lot of attention, which shows us that this genre is far from dead. In this case, Mighty No. 9 feels like a game from this generation instead of a retro game, while at the same time it represents a culmination of our 18 years of experience in making side scrolling action games."


We will bring you any new information on Mighty No. 9, as soon as it becomes available. Expect a release date announcement very soon. Mighty No. 9 will release on all platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, Wii U, PC and Mac.

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