Microsoft’s Spencer Talks Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One; Great Games To Come, Regrets Losing Games When Gens Turn


Backwards compatibility (BC) for the Xbox One launched yesterday, and Microsoft's head of the Xbox Gaming Division Phil Spencer, took to twitter to talk about the feature. According Spencer, losing games because of a new console generation, is always an easy. The Xbox head adds that the team has a very good, and deep collection of backwards compatible titles coming.

Microsoft's launched the new BC feature for their console yesterday, through the New Xbox One Experience update. The feature allows players to play Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One by emulating the Xbox 360 software on the Xbox One.

Although the Xbox 360 was backwards compatible with original Xbox titles, the Xbox One wasn't. Until this year's E3, when Microsoft announced the new feature for their console. Following the launch of the feature, Xbox's Phil Spencer shared how he felt about not being able to play last-gen games on current-gen console. According the Xbox head, it's always been an issue to him, that a turn in a console gen means losing games.

The BC feature launched with 104 titles yesterday, and more will be added in the coming months. One of the first titles will be Call of Duty: Black Ops.  When asked if more Call of Duty tiles will be added in the future, Spencer replied that it's a good sign that Black Ops is launching soon. Spencer adds that it's great to have Activision's support.

Talking about upcoming titles, Spencer states to have seen the list upcoming BC titles, and thinks that fans will be happy about what's to come. According Spencer, a very good and deep collection of games is coming.

Judging from Spencer's answers, it's a safe bet that more Call of Duty titles are on their way.

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