Microsoft’s HoloLens Development Kit Costs $3K, Available In Q1 2016


Microsoft announced today at their Windows 10 devices event that it will now take applications for the HoloLens development kit. It will become available in Q1 2016 for the lofty price of $3K, however that's a fairly normal price for development kits; the consumer product will be considerably cheaper, whenever it's released on the market.

Microsoft also showcased a new HoloLens game presently codenamed Project X-Ray. With the help of the device, the user faced swarms of robots on stage; we've embedded this segment of the presentation below.

Previously, the company demonstrated a version of Minecraft optimized for HoloLens at E3 2015; you can find it here, in case you missed it.

HoloLens is totally untethered, as the presenter highlighted more than once, and it will work even without a remote PC connection. Stay tuned for additional coverage of this technology as its launch draws near.