Microsoft’s Azure App Service Launches Today – A New Set of Tools For Developers

Microsoft is launching its new cloud based App service today which will give developers a single outlet to develop mobile and web apps. Moreover, the service also provides ways to automate business process using cloud services and allows the building and consumption of new APIs. This integrated solution will provide easy development of apps across platforms and will use SaaS to solve the need of networking in this era of communication and goes a long way for Microsoft's mobile first, cloud first world moto.

Microsoft's Azure App Service Has Lots To Offer

The new app service indeed has lots to offer and we'll get to that later. What's important to note is that not all of the tools included in the App are new, the Azure App Service was based upon some of the existing Apps Microsoft already has in the market like Azure Websites, Mobile Services and Biztalk Services. Microsoft intends to migrate all existing Azure website users to the new package for the same price.

Microsoft claims that the new Azure App Service will be very easy for developers to handle in migrating from the previous one although some users like the ones using Azure Mobile Services migrate at a slower pace than others. For now, both the services, i.e. Azure Mobile Services and the mobile component of App Services, will be available side-by-side but it's still unclear for how long Microsoft intends to keep it that way.

In a conversation with TechCrunch, Microsoft director of the Azure Application Platform Omar Khan said that they believed "that unifying this experience makes app development much simpler” and indeed it does. But that's not the only need the Azure App Service caters to, the Service will make sure that the apps are delivered to multiple platform across the Microsoft Ecosystem highlighting the concept of One Platform that Microsoft wants across all its devices.

The existing services will not be getting any major new features as Microsoft intends to make it big with the introduction of their new service but there will be improvements that the developers will see as now they can take advantage of other services that didn't exist across the different tools as a result of the amalgamation.

Two new interesting services that will be introduced here are known as the "logic apps," as Microsoft calls them, these will automate business processes across different levels of APIs and services like the Microsoft's Office 365, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and other databases including Oracle and SAP. Developers will have the ability to combine the data sources and use the information in their own web and mobile applications.

The App service will also have an API management tool different from the one in the existing Azure API management service. It won't replace the existing service but will have certain similarities like it will allow developers to manage their APIs from services like Zendesk, Office 365, SAP, Siebel and Oracle.

With this release, Microsoft is targeting both the developers building their personal apps for business and enterprises, as well as those building consumer apps.

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