Microsoft Promises to Fix Xbox Live Outages with an Update in the “Coming Days” [Update]


Update: After the better part of a week, it seems Microsoft has finally fixed issues with purchasing and launching games. User reports largely seem to back that up, although there are still a few scattered reports of issues. A restart of your system may help in those cases. We'll keep you posted if there are further developments.

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Original Story: Many Xbox players looking to unwind this weekend were met with frustration, when Xbox Live outages made playing via the cloud, or even launching digitally-purchased games, impossible. The official Xbox Support page provided updates throughout the weekend, in some cases indicating the problem had been solved, but players continued to report issues playing digital and cloud games.

Now the Xbox Support account has issued another update, that seems to indicate this issue is not something that can be fully resolved with server-side tweaks. Microsoft is now promising an actual firmware update is on the way that should provide “full mitigation” for the problems players have been facing.

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Even if Microsoft delivers a fix for this relatively soon, the conversation around it will likely continue. While most people turn a blind eye to console DRM when it works, the fact that you need an online connection to play games you’ve purchased outright understandably doesn’t sit well with a lot of folks. This also kind of casts a pall over Microsoft’s recently unveiled Xbox Everywhere cloud gaming initiative. If they can’t even deliver the most basic of online services, can the company be trusted to deliver consistent cloud access to games?

Any Xbox owners out there been having trouble over the weekend? Are you still having issues? Any tips or hacks for getting things to work (multiple console resets are said by some to help)?

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