Microsoft Xbox 1080 Leaked, Specs Unveiled?

According to OCC (Overclockers Club), The upcoming Xbox from Microsoft has been leaked and detailed. According to Microsoft the next gen console won't be called 720 as rumored earlier but will be known as the Xbox 1080.

The reason why Microsoft named it 1080 is that the console would be capable enough of running every single game at Native 1080P resolution which is a big step indeed from the Sub-HD res the 360 offered. Other details reveal that the console would be liquid cooled which will come pre equipped in the console, The idea must be taken off from liquid cooled PC and in this way the console would make little than no noise making it much cooler from its predecessor. This would also decrease the chances of it being RROD'ed which was a huge issue with the 360.

Specs also say that it will introduce HDMI 1.4 and would offer 3D support on the go along with 802.11b/g/n WiFi so that the console could be connected anywhere wirelessly.

True or False? Must be an April fools Joke or maybe real. The site also says that the Xbox 1080 will be showcased on this years E3.


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