Microsoft Windows 8 SlideShow Leaked

Microsoft sold 150 million copies of windows 7 and covers more than 90%market share of desktop PC. Microsoft already started working on windows 8 before the completion of windows 7. The launch date of Windows 8 is set for 2012-13. @floo1989 a member of Italian site windowsette reveals a slideshow which shows what Microsoft are developing at Redmond for future.


A slide reveled

“Apple brand is known for high quality, uncomplicated, ‘It just works,This is something people will pay for!”

If the leaked slides are true then we can assume that they are planning to follow apple’s footsteps.



Slides also mentioned that there will be an Windows Store juts like Apple’s App stoe where users can download and purchase programs and license can be transferred from one computer to another computer. Other major features include facial login and logout Sensors which will allow users to awake the PC from Standby mode. For high speed data transferring windows 8 will offer USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0.



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