Microsoft Unveils New Paint 3D That Lets You Create, Import, and Share 3D Content

Microsoft's October 26th event is happening right now and the company is on the verge of announcing new software updates as well as new hardware. The first in line is the Windows 10 Creators Update, which brings with it the new Paint 3D app. Paint in the Windows 10 has gone through some well needed design upgrades. Moreover, the functionality and operations have seen a major boost as well. Let's dive in to see some more details on Paint 3D.

Paint 3D Lets You Create, Import and Share 3D Images

Paint in Windows has always been something left out. An unexplored area with ample productive attributes. It took a while for Microsoft to upgrade Paint to Paint 3D, with features out of the bounds that normally other apps do not provide.

For one, Paint 3D lets you create beautiful 3D images right from the app itself. It has the ability to import 3D images as well, which can be further worked on to create something out of the ordinary. By adding special 3D images, users can enhance their productivity and showcase a much more diverse view point. If you're a Minecraft fan, you can import content from there as well.


If this is not enough, Paint 3D has also been bestowed with the ability to download 3D content from Remix 3D is a place for creators to discover. You can publish and share content on the platform as well. It will be the source for all 3D images that can be downloaded. It is a massive community that Microsoft is working on and in the near future, you will be able to download all kinds of 3D content.

Paint 3D

Visually speaking, the Paint 3D app is now way more clutter free. All the controls and button placements are done keeping in mind a neat layout. The new Paint 3D app is completely different from the one that we are used to. Basically, it's a whole new platform for developers to discover. Check out the video below for more details.

There are accessories available for the new Paint 3D app as well. It opens up a whole new dimension for developers to work with. It comes with Pen support that lets you make precise adjustments, and open new areas of control. It also lets you crop specific portions of images as well as many other features.

Do you think Microsoft should have revamped the Paint long ago? Share your thought in the comments.

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