No More Microsoft Surface Pro? Company Reportedly Looking To Terminate Lineup

With it's Surface Pro series, Microsoft looked to make an ambitious entry into the hardware and tablet market. After all, if some market trends are to be believed, then tablets are outselling PCs and notebooks, and Redmond looked to capitalize on that. But latest rumors from it's supply chain sources are suggesting that Microsoft has lost heart with it's Surface line of tablets and is looking to terminate the line altogether.

surface-pro-3-1First And Second Generation Of Surface Tablets Create Losses Of Around $2 Billion For Mirosoft.

Microsoft's plans to cancel the Surface lineup come from disappointing market reception of the first and second generation of Surface tablets. This news is the latest in a lineup of bad fortunes the company has been facing in it's gadget lineup. Microsoft's Windows phone continue to be a disappointment in market popularity and sales. Even the jewel in the crown, the Xbox One continues to lag behind Sony's Play Station 4 despite Redmond's efforts to offer better customer service and regular updates.

The sources which have offered this insight into Microsoft's future plans concerning the Surface lineup cite larger screened smartphones as the reason for the series continuing decline of popularity. According to sources, Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 range is highly unlikely to surpass a sales volume of 1 million. The company is also very unenthusiastic about the development of the next Surface range of tablets.

Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 3 series a couple of months back and the tablets offer decent specifications indeed albeit at a slightly high price tag. The high end Surface Pro 3 tablets come with an Intel Core i7 on board with 256 and 512 GB of storage. They come with price tags of $1549 and $1949 respectively. Surface Pro 3 with Core i3 on board comes with a $799 price tag and the Core i5 variant with 4 GB RAM comes with a price tag of $999.

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