Microsoft Surface Neo Is a Dual-Screen Device With Two 9-Inch Displays, Pen Support, 360-Degree Hinge & More

Omar Sohail
Microsoft Surface Neo Is a Foldable Device Sporting Two 9-Inch Screens

Several years ago, there were reports coming detailing that Microsoft has been working on a dual-screen device that would be running an intuitive version of Windows. While the technology giant has unveiled a slew of machines during its October 2 event, a very nervous Panos Panay showcased what he believes is the future of mobile computing and calls it the Microsoft Surface Neo. Here’s every detail announced during the event and we certainly hope the software behemoth is able to deliver on its intended timeline.

Microsoft States the Surface Neo Will Be Available in 2020; Will Be Running a Different and More Responsive Version of Windows 10

Microsoft is yet to unveil the full details and we won’t be surprised if the company withholds some information. After all, the Surface Neo is expected to launch next year, so Microsoft can’t have all the key specifications leaked just yet. Long story short, the Microsoft Surface Neo sports two 9-inch high-resolution displays that can be interacted with the Surface Pen or your fingers. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, there is a noticeable gap between the two screens.

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According to Panos Panay, each panel measures in at 9 inches diagonally, and according to the small sliver of details Microsoft provided, each side of the device is 5.6mm thick and weighs just 655 grams. For protection, the Microsoft Surface Neo employs the use of Gorilla Glass and Panay calls it the thinnest LCD ever created. When it comes to performance, Panos states that the Surface Neo will rely on a custom Intel Lakefield processor, calling to it as a hybrid chip.

Intel’s 11-gen graphics engine will control both screens, with the Surface Pen effortlessly attaching to the back of the device. One of the most complicated things about the Microsoft Surface Neo is its hinge. The device can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to interact with the product in a different orientation. So how exactly will a regular user be able to make daily use of the product when it later late next year? With something called Windows 10X, and it features a new Start Menu and taskbar but when it comes to aesthetics, the software definitely looks Windows 10.

During the presentation, the lead engineer of Windows 10X Carmen Zlateff stated that the Microsoft Surface Neo supports all apps, including Office. We’ll have to see if this little bit holds true and if we can use third-party applications that we normally use for Windows 10. We’re bound to hear more details in the future such as pricing and actual availability. Until then, stay tuned for more updates from our side.

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