Microsoft Surface Duo Is a Foldable Device That Runs Android Apps and Can Make Calls

Omar Sohail
Microsoft Surface Duo Is a Foldable Device That Can Run Android Apps

Although Microsoft has tried its hands with smartphones, it didn’t quite work out. However, the Redmond giant is no quitter and is planning to return to the industry with a bang. The company today demoed the Microsoft Surface Duo, something which it calls a communications device instead of a foldable phone.

Microsoft Surface Duo Looks Promising, Save for an Aged Chipset That Can Be a Deal Breaker When the Device Is Finally Released Next Year

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, the Microsoft Surface Duo has two separate 5.6-inch displays. When unfolded, you get an 8.3-inch tablet, with a visible hinge in the middle. However, given that the first generation of bendable devices do not seem to be doing well, both aesthetically and functionally, this seems like a better approach.

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Thanks to the hinge, the displays can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to use them in more modes than you thought existed. Apparently, Microsoft wants this to be a do-it-all pocketable device, even letting consumers use one display as a keyboard for maximum productivity or as a game controller to help them unwind. On top of that, the Surface Pen will also be compatible with the device.

Quite like the bigger Surface Neo, the Microsoft Surface Duo is not a finished product. Thus, don’t be disappointed to know that there are no cameras on the back, as the company will likely add some sensors on the final version, which we should expect next year. Microsoft has partnered with Google so that Android apps will work on the Surface Duo seamlessly. We do not know yet if the device will run Android or Windows 10X operating system, which is a new platform optimized for dual-screen devices.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is underpinned by the Snapdragon 855 processor, which will be three iterations old by the time it arrives in 2020 if Qualcomm refreshes the rumored Snapdragon 865 mid-cycle too. As for why the device was revealed today if it’s not coming this holiday season, Microsoft wanted to get developers on board so they can tweak their apps accordingly. Overall, the Microsoft Surface Duo looks like it might prove to be the device that finally helps the software vendor make a mark in the smartphone market.

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