Microsoft Surface Book Stops Bullet in Its Path, Saving the Owner’s Life

Microsoft Surface Book Stops Bullet in Its Path, Saving the Owner’s Life

The Microsoft Surface Book happens to be a highly versatile machine, offering both a clamshell form factor for everyday use and it comes with the ability to allow the display to detach itself from the rest of the body, delivering that tablet-like experience. One other attribute of the Surface Book that you might not have heard about is that it can absorb the impact from a bullet and that’s exactly what transpired here. One lucky owner managed to live through this experience while also talking about how Microsoft’s premium notebook ended up being a lifesaver.

Bullet Wrecks Surface Book, With Holes Present on Both the Keyboard Deck and the Display

Complain if you will about the Surface Book design when it comes to its chunky bezels and rather small trackpad by 2020’s standards, but it’s built like the tank, to the extent that it managed to take a bullet and save the life of Aaron, who goes by the Twitter handle @itsExtreme_. Aaron states that someone had fired in the same apartment building as him and the person handling the weapon likely wasn’t watching their aim.

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Regardless of the precaution being practiced, the bullet was absorbed by the Surface Book’s keyboard deck as well as the display, but managed to make a hole on both ends, making the notebook unusable in the end. While this is an untimely end to the Surface Book, Aaron has tagged Microsoft and its customer service Twitter account, possibly to see if he can receive a replacement for his now-permanently-damaged machine.

Aaron also mentions in the Twitter thread that he has nothing to promote, implying that people reading and commenting on the thread might be contemplating that he would be praising the Surface Book in return for some monetary benefit from the software giant. We’re not sure how Microsoft’s premium notebook absorbing a bullet and saving someone’s life would turn out to be a strong marketing point for the company, but we’re glad he’s alright.

Has anything similar happened to you or your notebook? Do let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Aaron

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