Microsoft Has Started Testing Apps for the Rumored Andromeda OS

folding surface andromeda os

Rumors around Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Phone and its Andromeda operating system appear to be at the peak right now. Earlier in the week, we saw multiple patents that confirmed that the Windows maker is serious about this folding Surface phone. Adding more to the fire, the apps allegedly designed for the Surface Phone showed up in the Microsoft Store designated as windows-8828080 label. Now the same label which has been associated with Surface Phone and with Project Andromeda on several occasions has appeared as a separate device category in the Microsoft Store.

Spotted by the folks at WindowsCentral, apps built for Andromeda are being tested in the Microsoft Store. In the "Available on" section of a Store listing, along with the usual PC, Mobile, HoloLens, and Hub platforms, it now also shows 8828080, possibly hinting that the company is working on the operating system that is expected to power the new phone. The report suggests that multiple apps, including popular third-party apps like Spotify, are showing up support for Andromeda now.

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8828080 is also part of Microsoft's corporate phone number, but has long been associated with Andromeda OS, specifically designed for new platforms like the rumored folding Surface Phone. While this isn't a breaking news hinting at the imminent release of Andromeda or the folding device, it adds to a growing number of rumors and speculations that the Redmond software giant is focused on a new platform - both a folding phone and an operating system that will power it.

Andromeda OS has remained in the news for a long time now, however, details still remain scarce. The project will essentially enable Microsoft to transform Windows 10 into a modular operating system where features can be added or removed based on the hardware the software will be running on. With folding Surface Phone that is rumored to bring two screens, it is expected that Andromeda will bring a dual-software experience - a hybrid between mobile and desktop. While so far everything remains a topic reserved the rumor mill, several tech companies are betting on dual, folding screens as the future of mobile computing.

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