Microsoft shows off Social Notifications and Contacts History in Mango update

Jul 20, 2011

There is no doubt in my mind, and anyone who's seen what Mango has in store, that this update will certainly bring WP7 up to par with Android and iOS. A big part of what Microsoft has been working on and has put a lot of effort in is the level of integration the phone will bring. We have already seen Facebook integration. Mango will further improve this by integrating Twitter and LinkedIn with the people's hub. So what happens when you have three or four social networks integrated in your people's hub? A mess! In the video below Microsoft explains how you'll be able to filter out information you need and that concerns you e.g a mention on Twitter or a wall post on Facebook. The "Me" live tile on the start screen will also show a counter of all the social network updates that relate to you.


Another new feature in Mango will be the contacts history page. Here you'll be able to view all your recent contact history. Tapping on any contact will bring a list of all calls, SMS or social network communication, emails etc. Click on any email and you'll be transported right into that email or click on any IM message and it will bring you right into the IM page.


Mango update is certainly shaping up to be a game changer. Multi-tasking and other big features are a given, but it's the little touches here and there such as the ones shown above that really highlight the kind of work Microsoft has put in their OS and will certainty make them a force to reckon with. Here's hoping they don't mess up the update process this time!