Windows World Keeps Getting Confusing – More Patches Are Out for Creators & Anniversary Update

Rafia Shaikh
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If we thought February Patch Tuesday was finally going to clear some confusion around the patching mayhem caused since the Meltdown and Spectre bugs were released, we were absolutely wrong. Microsoft has sent another wave of non-security cumulative updates to at least two Windows 10 versions.

The cumulative updates are available for Windows 10 Creators Update and Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It isn't immediately clear why weren't these bug fixes included with the Patch Tuesday updates and why nothing has been made available for the Fall Creators Update so far. We have written to the company for a clarification and will update when we hear something.

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In the meantime, here is what the latest Windows 10 cumulative updates bring to Anniversary and Creators Update.

Windows 10 version 1703 gets build 15063.936 (KB4077528)

  • Addresses issue where an application cannot read or write attributes of windows that belong to another process using Get/SetWindowWord, Get/SetWindowLong, or Get/SetWindowLongPtr.

  • Addresses issue where Internet Explorer stops responding, which delays the desktop appearing, makes the Start menu unresponsive, and causes some system tray icons to disappear.
  • Addresses issue where members of the Performance Log Users group receive the error “Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))”. The error appears while trying to schedule logging of performance counters, enable trace providers, or collect trace information.
  • Addresses issue where authentication to Microsoft Outlook fails when using conditional access.
  • Addresses reliability issue where certain Device Guard rules may cause the system to stop working.
  • Addresses issue where a 0x06d9 failure occurs when a user attempts an OS upgrade or an LCU update. The system automatically reverts to a previous version of the upgrade or update.
  • Addresses issue where a server error occurs occasionally during file transfer. The error is “Stop D1 in tcpip!TcpSegmentTcbSend”.
  • Addresses issue where a print server name containing a wildcard character (*, ?) prevents the Point and Print Restrictions Group Policy from taking effect.
  • Addresses issue where the Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server name isn't authenticated while connecting to a wireless network.
  • Addresses issue where iSCSI target redirection during login might lead to stop error 9f.
  • Addresses issue that causes server-side performance regression and poor transfer rates for high-latency scenarios.
  • Addresses issue where the Internet connection service (ICS) connections don't persist across OS restarts or ICS service restarts. You can also activate this solution using an optional EnableRebootPersistConnection registry key described in KB4055559.

Windows 10 version 1607 receives build 14393.2097 (KB4077525)

Windows 10 Anniversary Update gets quite a long list of bug fixes with last night's out of band cumulative updates. You can read more about it over at Microsoft.

As mentioned before, it remains unclear why the company has opted to dump these fixes following the routine Patch Tuesday updates since these updates don't appear to be fixing any critical security issues. We will update this space if we learn about why Microsoft has started to send multiple updates these past few weeks causing quite a headache for Windows users.

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