Microsoft Releases PowerToys v0.15 – Fixing Nearly 100 Issues


Microsoft has released an update for PowerToys for Windows 10, now available through GitHub. Fixing nearly 100 issues, here are some of the highlights of PowerToys v0.15.0:

  • Make you aware there is a new version from within PowerToys
  • Removed requirement to always 'run as admin'
  • Added almost 300 unit tests to increase stability and prevent regressions.
  • Resolved almost 100 issues
  • Made .NET Framework parts of the source run faster with NGEN
  • Improved for how we store data locally
  • Increased FancyZones compatibility with applications
  • Created the v1.0 strategy, the launcher, the keyboard manager specs
  • Work on cleaning up our issue backlog and labels

Most notably, you no longer need to run PowerToys as an admin. The company said its goal for this version was fixed at "infrastructure, quality, stability and work toward getting a way to auto-update PowerToys."

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All of the details are available over at GitHub.

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