Microsoft Planning a New Design For The Xbox One


As you might remember, Xbox One on its released wa0s compared in every possible way to the PS4 console and from within that comparison, we compared the sizes of the two consoles. The Xbox One was particularly taken apart by the reviewers of the console on the basis of its bulkiness. The Microsoft Corp's console is rather 'big and ugly' for some who compared the console to a VCR device of the 80s.


The Bulky Size of The Xbox One Has It's Advantages

The design is not just outright humungous without any advantages. The device function a lot better and the design helps to avoid any technical faults which can damage the console. Also, additionally, the bulky design makes sure that the console does not readily heat up as quickly as its competitor i.e. the PS4.

The size does create a problem for travelers who want to take the device along with them. The console also adds a "power brick" to make matters even harder for any traveler who makes the mistake of buy the Xbox One. And hence, a redesign for the console was imperative for its usability. Normally, what takes redesigns to hit the market 4/5 years, may now surface earlier than expected as the Netflix's chief product officer, Neil Hunt, said that the console corps promised them new hardware to support their upcoming 4k content. So a new design for Xbox One might yet still be more realistic than you think.

Cost has also been mentioned as a contributor in many places where the slightest bits of differences help decrease the cost of materials in the console and in turn maximising profits. But personally, I believe more in the fact that the amount of Research and Development required to get the console to the point of cost reduction requires a lot of money and at the end, you may not end up benefiting by this particular decision.

Nevertheless, one thing that should be noted here is the need for Microsoft to keep their Xbox One console up to date with the release of their new technologies. They might need a newer version to support what the Microsoft team has in store for us and therein lies the introduction of the new console. Microsoft will be very eager to let their consumers experience technologies like the HoloLens and for that they may require a console which does not require lots of extensions for compatibility.

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