Microsoft Sent a New App Without Explanation Through Its October 10 Update and Users Aren’t Happy


Microsoft has apparently been pushing a new app through its update servers and the surprise download is annoying Windows 10 users, to say the least. This mysterious new app is actually an update for Windows 10 Photos app called "Photos Add-on" that was delivered through the cumulative updates sent by the company on October 10.

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Comments on the app's listing in Microsoft Store confirm that the app is added to user systems without their permission and doesn't clarify what it's supposed to be doing. Since the company has previously been at the center of forced and automatic updates, users are heading to the app's Store page to give it one star ratings.

"Installed without permission
I didn't ask for this, I didn't approve this, I didn't even know you were planning on installing this. When will you get it that people don't want YOU to decide what gets installed on MY computer. Stop it already." - User comment

However, turns out it's just an update to the Photos app called Photos.DLC Main and is listed under Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Photos app > Advanced Options > App Add-ons & Downloadable Content. Weighing in at 141MB, the update adds a feature that was promised by Microsoft back in April, 2016. ZDNet reports that it's part of an "'architectural change' that will allow Microsoft to deliver new functionality and content updates to the Photos app, including 3D effects, filters, and text". Here's what the company had promised:

"You will also be able manage app add-ons and downloadable content if the app supports this capability as discussed at Build 2016. While there are currently no apps that support add-ons or downloadable content in the Store, please stay tuned for availability of apps that do once they are released."

While the app is simply an add-on for a built-in app that comes with the OS, since this was delivered without any details or explanation as to what it's doing, Windows 10 users aren't very happy with it. Microsoft might have promised to stop forcing Windows 10 updates on its users, the company will also need to be clearer about what the specific updates are doing if a seemingly "new" app is downloaded on users' computers through a cumulative update.