Microsoft and Lenovo Could Be the First Companies to Release ARM-Powered Notebooks

Microsoft Lenovo ARM notebooks

Microsoft dropped a huge bomb a while back when it announced that its desktop Windows 10 platform would be compatible with ARM chipsets. This is not the first time that the company is attempting this, with the only difference being that the software giant will not have to make a variant operating system like it did with the Windows RT. Now according to sources close to the matter, Microsoft is not going to be the only one preparing ARM-powered notebooks because Lenovo too is looking to get into this market of portable machines.

Upstream Suppliers Believe That Microsoft and Lenovo Will Be the First Companies to Announce ARM-Powered Portable Computing Machines – Windows 10 Will Be Running Through a Layer of Emulation

Intel is definitely going to be facing strong competition and with AMD’s Ryzen lineup in full swing, ARM too has partnered with Microsoft to bring Windows 10 support to mobile processors. According to upstream suppliers (via DigiTimes), Microsoft has a new Surface device getting prepped, along with Lenovo’s 2-in-1 that could be running ARM-based processors.

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Being more energy efficient and cheaper, these future machines will be a lot slower than their desktop counterparts, but offer extended battery life, huge portability factor thanks to using mobile chipsets and feature cellular connectivity right off the bat.

Microsoft’s executive earlier stated that a Snapdragon 835 would be the bare minimum required to run Windows 10 through emulation. Even though there is a demo showing that a Snapdragon 820 was more than capable of running a taxing application like the desktop version of Photoshop, it looks like the 10nm FinFET SoC has been chosen as the minimum hardware prerequisite.

On the other hand, notebooks running ARM chipsets could also be running the Cloud version of Windows 10, so it is not really confirmed what sort of product we will be seeing in the future.

Which portable computer are you most excited for? ARM-powered notebooks running Windows 10 through emulation or the same machines running Windows 10 Cloud? Tell us in the comments right away.

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