Microsoft Going Lenient Might Just Be What Xbox One Needs

Abdullah Awan

Alongside the introduction of Windows 10, several updates are planned for the Microsoft's Xbox One console aswell where the company intends to score big with the introduction of Xbox Apps this summer. The introduction of the DirectX 12 to the console is itself a very big achievement as it is rumored that the DirectX 12 will work better for the Xbox One than the PS4 - Click here to read more about the Effect of DirectX 12 on the Xbox One console. With several releases and announcements, the anticipation for the upcoming version of Windows and the support for the Xbox One console is ever increasing and the Sony might be struggling to keep up the queue from its Microsoft counterpart.

New Upcoming Xbox One Apps

According to sources of the website The Verge, Microsoft is planning to release allow more and more apps on the Xbox  One and will announce the full version of its plans in the company's Build Developer Conference upcoming in April and this process will involve letting developers convert their Xbox One's into developer kits. Microsoft also intends to publish an SDK preview so that the team can give individual attention to the developer kit that might be upcoming with the Xbox One so that more amounts of Apps are present on the console.

Currently, Microsoft has limited the number of developers who can develop Xbox One apps and it's is just a small group of individuals who have that authority to develop apps for the Xbox One. Hence, making it available to more capable people will open up the console to everyone and the developers will be able to test their beta Apps allowing possible multi-tasking with music apps running in the background with games on the front as the Verge says:


However, Kinect in the Xbox One is still a very big question mark where the company allowed developers to access the Kinect but the results according to the Verge have not been upto scratch with developers reporting issues and bugs, we still have to see how they support Kinect with universal applications.

The current apps on the console will continue to exist on the Xbox One, but the plan is to switch over to universal apps in the upcoming November. Developers will be able to submit and publish these apps on the Windows 10 platform for the Xbox One. So basically, Microsoft has started to be a bit more open and lenient towards the Xbox One developers and this development will bring a host of apps to the console once the new OS rolls out. With all the recent developments and news, one thing for sure is that Microsofts prospects are looking quite good for now.



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