CEO of Stardock Would Choose the Xbox One if he had to Pick a Console

Many people nowadays are worried about which console to choose among the two heavyweights namely, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Previously, the decision was much simpler with the players and gamers given a host of games and exclusives to choose from or maybe just their preference as a loyal customer. But what has surfaced nowadays is the introduction of the DirectX 12 late in 2015 which will increase the performance across consoles for their respective hardware and obviously the developers are much more well aware of the differences than us. One of the developers is not afraid to choose a side and he did so publicly.

Developer Brad Wardell Thinks Xbox One is the Console for the Future

Earlier Yesterday on twitter Developer Brad Wardell said that if he had been given a choice between the two consoles, he would choose the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4 and others. This is a huge compliment to the Xbox One and reveals a lot about the effect of the new software innovations on the hardware of each console. Statistically speaking, Xbox One will have 30 percent more unlocked power with the release of the upcoming DirectX 12 when it launches in November 2015. These statistics are based on the latest statements revealed by the Stardock CEO, Brad Wardell and they claim that draw calls between CPU and GPU will jump from the current 6,000 for the DirectX 9 to 600,000 in the DirectX 12, with performances improving up to 600%. Although these performance fixes take into account the differences from the DirectX 9 and not the latest release of DirectX 11. Have a look at the tweet yourself:

Previously, during the Inner Circle podcast, Brad Wardell revealed the following information on benchmarks provided by Anandtech:

Anandtech AMD cards 7fps to 43fps running Nitrous engine DX12 engine.
600% performance increase on AMD cards running full DX12 game engine.
Directx 12 runs better than Mantle on AMD cards.
DX9 uses max 6000 draw calls vs 600,000 on Dx12.
Limitless light sources in games.
1000+ characters AI characters on screen.
AMD and Microsoft, it is believed, have great DX12 news at GDC.

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So basically, DirectX 12 is a huge improvement on any previous version and will improve the gaming performance on all hardware and as you have read above, it will run better than mantle on AMD cards too. And the fact that a developer chooses the Xbox One console over the PS4, means that the performace increases might the Xbox better than the PS4.

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