Microsoft launches SkyDrive App for iOS and Windows Phone, Offers 25GB Storage

iPhone and iPad have dominated the smartphone industry for quite some time now and has become the epitome of influence for technology. There’s a new game, a utility application and its not on iPhone; very rare. Almost every app is available on iPhone, let it be ported or native, it’s there. Even Apple’s competitors have to roll out a native iPhone app along with one for their OS and Microsoft’s SkyDrive is the perfect example which has been released for iOS and Windows Phone 7 OS, providing 25GB of cloud storage.

25 gigs! Yes folks. You can now use 25GB of space for free using Microsoft’s SkyDrive app for your iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone. You can access all your documents and media files stored on your SkyDrive account. You can even manage your files using this app. All you need is an iPhone or Windows Phone with the SkyDrive account and a Windows Live account to begin. All the stuff is free of charge beginning from the signup process till the download of app. Obviously you need to have the device, Microsoft’s not paying for that yet!

To begin follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Windows Live ID (if you don’t have one) by going HERE.

Step 2: Download the SkyDrive app for iPhone from HERE and for Windows Phone from HERE.

You are good to go!

Android has been neglected with this app which clearly shows Microsoft’s love and understanding regarding iOS being the best OS of all. Check out the videos by going to the source to get an idea of what’s offered in this app.  In order to get SkyDrive and 25GB storage as a network drive on PC follow this tutorial HERE.

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