Microsoft: Halo Movie is coming just not now.

After a long time of silence from famed console creators and operating system manufacturers, Microsoft has finally come out and said that they are going to make the movie "when the time is right".

A statement from Microsoft's employee Frank O'Connor tells us "We're going to make a movie when the time is right," Frank said. "We own the IP (Intellectual Property and NOT Internet Protocol). If we want to make a movie, the scale of all the other stuff that we do changes dramatically. We make tens and tens of millions of dollars on ancillary stuff, toys, apparel, music and publishing. If we do a movie, all of that will grow exponentially. We have some numbers if we do a movie, but it changes everything. It also changes our target and age demographic."

It will be really awesome to watch the Halo Movie as the flagship title for Xbox360 has it all going in its favor to be a top notch entertainer, if made into a movie [Unlike the disaster Far Cry].

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