Microsoft Could Be Planning a Foldable Surface Device With a New Intel Chip, and the Ability to Android Apps


A foldable Surface device could be exactly what Microsoft needs to increase the sales of its hardware division. Currently, the company sells a variety of machines categorized under the ‘Surface’ brand name and in terms of design, they’ve remained nearly the same. A new report claims that now, the software giant might be planning a Surface device that will have the ability to run Android apps and will also possess newer hardware.

New Foldable Surface Device Will Reportedly Sport Two 9-Inch Screens With a 10nm Processor

According to Jeff Lin from IHS, citing a supply chain report, the new Surface device will apparently have two 9-inch screens that will be able to fold outward and will have a 4:3 aspect ratio. Thanks to this approach, the device is expected to sport a dual display UI and will run Windows Core OS. This essentially means that the foldable Surface will possess the ability to run Android apps, potentially opening up a world of possibilities for users.

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The product is expected to run an Intel 10nm Lakefield processor, but the exact silicon is not known right now. Forbes reports that the new and possibly improved Surface is expected to start shipping sometime during the first or second half of next year. According to Windows Central, Microsoft could be announcing a device codenamed ‘Centaurus’ in October of this year.

The announcement could be nothing more than a teaser, followed by a fully fledged launch possibly taking place next year. We also reported that Microsoft could be working on a redesigned Surface machine bearing a new hinge. It’s not confirmed at this stage if both of these are the same product, but we’ll eventually get to know more about what Microsoft is planning in the coming months.

For those that don’t know, Lenovo also showcased a foldable PC earlier this year, most likely taking inspiration from foldable smartphones. The hardware was just a prototype, with the Chinese manufacturer stating that the first crop of foldable notebooks will arrive next year. Hopefully, the technology would have matured and developed by then as customers will not enjoy spending a small fortune on a half-baked product with an unoptimized interface.

So what do you think? Can Microsoft hit a home run with its foldable Surface device? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Forbes