Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Getting AMD FSR 2.0 and DLSS Support Is Almost Completed; Player Numbers Are Much Higher Than Last Year


During this week's Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Q&A, Asobo Studio Executive Producer Martial Bossard confirmed that the highly demanding flight simulation game would soon receive support for AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution technology, starting with version 1.0 in Update 10 and later (but probably not too far away) with version 2.0, too.

Asobo is also working on the previously announced NVIDIA DLSS support, which is expected to be completed for Update 10 (scheduled for release in July) as well.

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The good news is that the Microsoft Flight Simulator team is working in a direct relationship with both manufacturers, so NVIDIA and AMD are working with us to help us to have the best implementation of their systems. For DLSS, we are still having some artifacts, some issues with some animated textures and the water surfaces, but we are working with NVIDIA to fix that. For Update 10 we'll have a great DLSS implementation.

On the AMD side, we are also working with them. Actually, they paid us a visit yesterday, so it was super cool to have them. We are hoping also to bring FSR into Microsoft Flight Simulator with Update 10 and I think I'm allowed to say that we have also started to work on FSR 2.0, so that would be included also. Maybe simultaneously for Update 10 is a bit early, but that should come soon at least.

Elsewhere in the live stream, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann revealed that Microsoft Flight Simulator has performed exceedingly well on the xCloud streaming service since it became available there to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Overall, player figures are much higher than they were last year.

Not sure how many of you checked it out, but I did want to say it was an amazing success for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We were the number one most played game on xCloud or Microsoft Cloud Streaming as they called it now, which is awesome as it brought tons and tons of new people into the game. This week we launched in SouthEast Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and that's another huge amount of people coming into Microsoft Flight Simulator. I just want to say, please be gentle, welcome them. A lot of these people have never played a flight sim before, so if they run into trouble, it would be great if you can help them out. The good news is that we got a huge fuel injection, I think we had almost four times as many people playing last month than we had last year, so it's awesome for all of us.

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