Microsoft Demos Windows 10 Apps on the Xbox One

Abdullah Awan

Earlier in january, Microsoft held the Windows 10 event in which they had huge prospects for the Xbox One console through which they intended to take gaming to the next level. First of all, there was news about Phil Spencer where he claimed that being affiliated with Microsoft, they knew exactly what the DirectX 12 was doing. Basically he implied that Xbox One will be able to take a much greater advantage of the DirectX 12 than the PlayStation 4 would - you can read more about the news here. Other than that, Microsoft introduced a much better syncing technology for the console where the introduction of the Xbox app for Windows will allow you to sync your entire Xbox library to your PC and interlinking will allow you to play Xbox games on your PC at 30 fps via an internet connection, basically keeping your Television LED free to be used elsewhere.

Microsoft Demonstrates Windows Apps on the Xbox One

Earlier, on the event it was generally announced that the Windows apps will be coming to the Xbox One console but there was no demonstration for it as they probably weren't ready. Yesterday at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Microsoft's technical lead for Windows universal apps, Kevin Gallo took the stage and demonstrated a demo app designed to run across PCs, phones and an Xbox One.

It was all part of building up the hype for Microsoft that something big is coming and its here. Microsoft is trying to build a more adaptable platform for Windows 10 which will run across all different forms of devices ranging from smartphone to PCs and Gaming consoles. Gallo didn't go into the details of when developers will be able to start developing apps on the new unified platform but more is expected to be said about the topic on the upcoming developer conference in April.

Gallo also revealed that Microsoft plans to use web hosting for apps, meaning that developers will be able to develop apps online. This will allow them to make use of already in place Microsoft apps and use the Cortana integration for apps to their advantage. A case such as this will require minimum amount of input from the developers, encouraging more and more to start developing Windows 10 apps. Also, Gallo discussed Microsoft's plan to develop an interactive user interface for developers allowing them to develop apps in the same way as they can design websites nowadays.

The online hosted app will be based on the popularity of websites and Microsoft will allow the developers to wrap their work into an app for the Windows Store. But these will be weak features in and if they want to add more powerful features, they have the ability to move their work into a universal app for the Windows 10 devices meaning that they will have the ability to run on all devices running the Windows 10.

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