Microsoft demonstrate Mouse 2.0 concepts

There is a lot to praise about Microsoft Research, the devision which eats up around $10 billion annually. And we can see where that money goes by looking at all the exciting + innovative products and technologies coming out of Redmond. I'm talking about the stuff like Windows 7, Bing, Zune HD, and futuristic stuff like Natal, Courier, Office Wall etc. And here is yet another set of concept which is very good if not as exciting as rest of the batch.

Ever since the mouse was introduced by XEROX, there has hardly been any real innovation. Its always been that 2/3 button pointing device, which gradually added scroll wheels, optical laser tracking and a few extra buttons. But there hardly has been any real revolution in the way mice are designed. Well here is Microsoft's attempt to change all that, with 5 concept mice designs all sporting multi touch gestures. No wonder they had built multi touch into Windows 7 core, they plan to take it beyond the touch screens for sure.

One thing is for sure here, it would take a lot of time to adjust to these kinds of designs because we have accustomed to the current architecture which has been around for nearly 2 decades now.

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