Microsoft Is Trying To Get Into The World Of Connected Cars Using Patents And Toyota Is Its First Partner


Ladies and Gentlemen, Microsoft is at it again. It is making yet again another start to convince companies to use its technology for connected cars. The company is going to announce a one of a kind patent licensing deal with Toyota. The car manufacturer is the first partner to license the software giant’s auto licensing program. The program includes an access to a navigation system, voice recognition features and entertainment. Toyota hasn’t yet revealed what it plans to do with all these patents but one thing is for sure that Microsoft isn’t just supplying these software packages for cars.

Licensing and patents

The patent deal is a step back for Microsoft as it has been trying to enter the world of cars for years now. The company has announced an ambitious car concept about three years ago but it failed to make it a reality. The concept that the company had introduced was very similar to Microsoft’s competitor Apple’s CarPlay system. The idea behind the system was to transform mobile devices and make them into a full-fledged car entertainment system. Too bad it failed and couldn’t see the light of the day.

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The software giant recently revealed that it does not have plans to design self-driving cars; instead it wishes to help power them. Last year Harman revealed that it was planning on integrating the Office 365 setup into its infotainment system. It was also revealed that both Nissan and BMW had something similar planned as they wanted to bring Microsoft’s Cortana assistant to their cars. It seems like Microsoft is trying to make a name for it by aiding other companies in fulfilling their dreams. How very noble of it.

Microsoft is famous for its collaborations with car manufacturers and providing them with special versions of Windows for vehicles. Among the names that use Windows include Ford, BMW, Nissan, Kia and Fiat. It seems that with new patent initiative the company wishes to take a much easier route of licensing than provide a software ecosystem for connected cars.


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