Microsoft Following Apple’s Marketing Strategy

Omer Saleem

Where have we seen this before, yes, it was me who pointed out a couple of months ago that Steve Jobs is an excellent marketing strategist due to his visionary (read: cunning) ways to market Apple's products.

Now come this summer, time is increasingly getting closer for Microsoft to unveil its much hyped Windows Phone 7 but the problem here was that without having to have a complete OS available, Microsoft could not jump into it directly. So what does it do? It takes a page of effective "viral" marketing strategy from Steve Jobs secret book "I love Me and My Apples" and puts it to test.

With recent increase in "just out of nowhere" showing of WP7 phones, made by Samsung and HTC, Microsoft is paving way to have a perfect mind control before it can unveil its latest OS.

Come to think of it, Bill Gates never did that (or we thought he never did) but Steve Balmer certainly is not Gates so he can do whatever he wishes to just to have the sales numbers going north. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we now have Microsoft on board as well, trying to make way to the league of cunning strategists for making their products go viral before the actual launch.

I will not be surprised if this is already sponsored by HTC and Samsung as these companies are the only ones leading the development and manufacturing of WP7 based phones.

These are my thoughts, let me know yours.

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